"Fitness of the Body, the Mind, and the Soul refined through constant training and exposure to healthy influence, for the purpose of growth and maturity, through the accountability of other responsible men."

Our Mission

We believe that healthy habits promote a healthy life, and prison is an opportunity for people that have made significant mistakes in their past to reform these bad habits. These bad habits can be reformed with continuous exposure to healthy influences and training from others, treating one another as responsible adults, with an emphasis on proper morality.


Our vision maintains three stages:


Stage 1) Beginning at Limon Correctional Facility as “Ground Zero”, we work to redevelop what prison is: a divided, hateful, and hopeless state of stagnation.


Stage 2) Through rehabilitation and idealogical development, and accountability to others, we strive for growth in Ethics, Hope and Purpose.


Stage 3) Finally, maintaining this same hopeful purpose upon release, we connect with a likewise dedicated community which holds that same forged ethical system. And we remain faithful to a continuing vision of dedicated world change through positive action.

Program Representatives

Brandin Kreuzer


Redemption Road Fitness®  is a group 

founded by inmates in Colorado, 2017

To contact, please email RedemptionRoad@gmail.com

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