Trevor Paul Jones


     On March 18, 1979, I was born to John Paul and Petrita Maria Jones, two years after my sister Jennifer. We lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where we had family. We moved around a lot as I grew up, but ended up in Aurora, Colorado in early 1987, where we pretty much stayed until I was incarcerated in 1996. 

     While I always enjoyed sports, fitness and physical activity, and a p.m.a. (positive mental attitude), around 1994, after a series of bad years and events, I sort of dropped any really positive endeavors and above all into a criminal lifestyle with serious drug and alcohol abuse. That ended when I killed 16 year old Matthew Foley. That part of the story can be found elsewhere (e.g on PBS's "Frontline: When Kids Get Life").

     During my week in juvenile detention, before being transferred to Denver County Jail, a staff member there changed my life forever. While letting me in my cell, he asked if I wanted a Bible. Growing up I was very secular and never knew or thought much of Christianity, but I answered him "yes". He got me two, told me the gospel of sins forgiven through Christ and gave me some direction on Christian discipleship (having simply read the Book of Psalms and memorize the first one) which I promptly followed. I am eternally grateful to him, and his influence has directed and defined my life since then.

     The original guys of Redemption Road Fitness started meeting each other in the mid-to-late 2000's at Limon Correctional Facility. We all got along well, but had different approaches to our goals for fitness, rehabilitation, and whatever manners of restitution we could achieve. As time went by however, we started to align on these things, including Brandin and Damian's dream of Redemption Road Fitness. It became a reality in the spring of 2017 and has been a powerful force. I was privileged and honored to be one of the original five athlete-trainers.

     When we received our CF-L1's in April 2018, I was ecstatic. To be received into the CrossFit community in that way is such a remarkable joy for me. I hope to continue to plug into the lives of others with the astonishing methods of CrossFit, for the help and development of individuals first, and with them, the world.

Other Notes of Interest-

- The Best friends I've ever had are almost all in Redemption Road Fitness.

- I've had profound support from my family, friends, and advocates throughout my incarceration.

- Theology, Christian Apologetics, and Philosophy have been a large part of my life, both in a moderate academic sense, but especially in an experiential one.

- My Pastor Jerry Briggs and other volunteers (including my best friend Hoppy) have given me more than I ever could recount.

- I'm super motivated by the elite CrossFit athletes who are so amazing. The broader CrossFit community  is where I see such beauty and triumph. I  love our sport, our community, and all that comes with it!

- Music drives me so powerfully. I'm especially into straight-edge hardcore, especially of the Christian type. 

- Please see my apology letter to those who I've hurt so bad.  


Redemption Road Fitness®  is a group 

founded by inmates in Colorado, 2017

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