To Gail Palone, and all of Matthew Foley's Family and Friends,

     Please let me begin by saying that I do not write this letter to ask anything of you. I write it because it is something that I owe you and because I wish for you to know how sorry and full of remorse I am for all that I've done to you. I realize that there is no way an apology can erase or change what I've done to you by taking Matt's life. 

     Over the years I've tried to understand what you, your family, and Matt's friends have had to endure because of what I've done to you all. Sitting here trying to imagine and feel those things, however, comes nowhere near your actual pain and experiences. I am so sorry for all the years of terror, loss, confusion and agony you have had in so many ways. I'm sorry for robbing Matt of his entire life, and for the years of life and love I took from you. I'm sorry for the pain and effects on your family my actions have created. And I'm sorry for taking away from the world what Matt could have been. 

     The responsibility for all these evils and sorrows is mine, and I wish none of you ever had to know any of it.


     Trevor Paul Jones


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